The Bra Fairy saves women time and money by offering the convenience of in-home, at work or at play fittings in 30-60 minutes! If you are like most women, dreading the bra hunt and disliking the waste of money that is your bra drawer, we’re a perfect fit!

I provide a luxury mobile custom bra fitting experience for women and girls of all shapes and sizes at home. Only an hour drive from either Richmond, VA or Washington D.C. and 7 minutes from the Harry Nice Bridge in Maryland,King George County, Virginia is our home base.

Customized individual or private group fitting events for 6 or more are available in either a residential setting or at your corporate location. Host us to earn $50 or more in product credit!  Your fitter will arrive with a variety of affordable brands ($44-$74 on average) with the best of our hand-picked bra styles and size ranges for sports, plunge, strapless, smooth and specialty. We take the guess work out of bra shopping – we know what works!

In stock bras ship within 7-14 business days (Unique sizes and popular styles can take 4-8 weeks to manufacture, so if you have a special event – do not wait until the last minute!) Our hand-selected, best in its class bras are of greater quality than the mass produced, padded molded cups of the most popular mall stores. 4-8 bras, when well cared for, typically last 1-2 years. Experience the difference a professional custom fitting can make!  Changing bras, changing lives… one cup at a time!

Schedule Fitting-01Need a speaker for your next women’s event?  Give us 10-15 minutes to help women understand the relationship between posture, bras, breast health and emotional well being. Insightful and empowering!

Did you know your breasts will change an average of 6 times during your lifetime? Your bras should change with them! We believe wholeheartedly that every woman throughout life should be custom-fitted for bras, not only to look and feel her best, but to enjoy better support and health through this vital step in proper breast care.