The health and look of your breasts, feet and body are impacted by the choices you make.  Your breasts do shape to what you wear.  Ill-fitting fashion and “push up” bras are responsible for displacing tissue back under the arms and floating it up and out of the breast into various areas of the chest wall.  They also negatively impact your posture by placing 100% of the weight of the bust on your shoulders. The band, seam structure and proper strap positioning is where comfortable support comes from. Some of the effects of improper fit/wear can be seen in overdeveloped trapezius muscles, elevated and rounded shoulders, forward rotated hands and slouching posture.

According to a recent article published in the journal Ergonomics, ill-fitting bras are due to women relying on the traditional tape measure method for determining what bra size to wear. In a study comparing the tape measure method against a “best fit” method based on a set of specific criteria, more than three-fourths of the cases using the tape measure method got their bra size wrong. The researchers believe that this may contribute to the estimated 85 per cent of women in the United States who wear the wrong sized bra.

On average the tape measure fitting method gave a result that was one cup size smaller and one band size larger than the best fit method.

According to the lead author of the study, Jenny White from the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmith, “We measured the same women using the two approaches and found that the traditional method resulted in the under band being too loose and the cup too small. Using the best fit criteria our fitters achieved a supportive comfortable fit, which our participants were happy with. Wearing a well-fitting bra is crucial to achieving good lift, support and helping women look and feel comfortable and confident. And it can help prevent back and neck pain and reduce breast sag,” she said.

Bra fitting is more art than science.  Measurements and bra sizes matter very little as each and every one of us is uniquely shaped! Also, manufacturers cannot conform to any universal size chart (even though you find them on the internet) due to the fact that every bra style and every fabric cuts and fits differently!  As a professional fitter (est. April 2009) I have years of fitting experience and have worked with over a thousand women of all shapes and sizes. This, coupled with my passionate drive to restore women’s health, confidence, joy and well being… is The Bra Fairy difference. I would love to save you some time, money and frustration. your-body-loves-you-life-quotes-sayings-pictures