A perfect fit requires more than just knowing your correct bra size.  Measurements do not factor in rib cage shape, sternum and breast placement, adipose tissue compression or special needs.  A skilled fitter will not just measure your size, she will fit your body and listen to your preferences and needs.

Why are only 15% of us wearing a good bra? The 90s. No longer considered a foundation garment, but a fashion garment, the art of bra fitting virtually died, as did the quality of support fabrics used. American women have increased in size and decreased in support.  Most women are wearing cups that are one-two sizes too small and 2-4 inches too big in the rib cage!  This is why your bras ride up in the back and dump you down in the front and wires dig into breast tissue.

You will instantly stand more upright and look 5-10 pounds thinner.  Let us reveal your curves, correct poor postural habits and boost your self-confidence. 1-Bra Fairy Collage1



● Positions Bust Line Between Elbow and Shoulder

● Slims and Proportions Upper with Lower Body

● Improves Posture and Appearance Immediately

● Look and Feel Slimmer, More Youthful and Confident

● Designs Adaptable for Differences in Breast Size, Shape and Reconstruction

● Reduce Wasted Money on Ill-­fitting Bras and Time Bra Shopping

● Wired bras properly fitted to avoid delicate breast tissue

● Wire-Free Bras that actually lift, separate and support

● Least Amount of Movement During Sports and Exercise!