Every person is unique and has their own distinctive needs when it comes to finding a proper bra that doesn’t just cover the breasts, but provides better direction or lift and comfort. Women and girls of all shapes and sizes can save money and time with custom fitted bras from me, The Bra Fairy.

Bra size really is just a number on the band. You are not one bra size – just like jeans and shoes! What really matters is how your bra feels and how you look in your fashions. Having a proper bra fit can help boost more than just your bust. Bra fittings with a specialist can ensure that you receive a custom-fitted bra that fits perfectly and feels comfortable, helping to improve your confidence and posture in the process.

Discover the difference that The Bra Fairy offers with my proven selection of sizes and styles. I carry everything from 28A to 46N, including custom support bras, and can ensure you find the proper fit and don’t have to keep suffering from wearing a tight bra or one that’s the wrong size.

Don’t spend hours wading through wrong-sized undergarments at a department store. Save yourself time and money with a custom fitted bra and find out the amazing difference that you can see and feel when you start wearing custom-fitted bras after working with a bra fitting specialist.

As a bonus, along with your bra fitting, you’ll learn tips and tricks to maximize your bra’s life. I’ll also give you advice on education about the ill effects of wearing a tight fitting bra, proper bra care and other wrong size bra signs, like pain and poor posture.

I am located in King George, Virginia and serve Maryland, Washington DC, Richmond and surrounding areas. Book your personal fitting online today or call to coordinate a private group event at your business or home location (6-15 percipient limits). You’ll be amazed at the difference that working with a bra fitting specialist can make in your life!